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Delicious Shortbread Cookies

With just a handful of ingredients, this easy shortbread recipe delivers a classic and buttery cookie that is sure to please.


For the Shortbread Cookies:

How to make Delicious Shortbread Cookies

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Delicious Shortbread Cookies:

1. Using a stand mixer, beat the butter and vanilla extract in a large bowl until creamy.

2. Add confectioners sugar and salt; mix until combined.

3. Mix in flour until well combined.

4. Shape dough into a rectangular shape, wrap in plastic, and chill until firm.

5. Cut into ½ inch thick slices with a sharp knife, and place onto a baking sheet lined with silicone mat or parchment paper.

6. Use a fork or skewer to create indentations on top.

7. Bake at 350 °F (180 °C) for about 10 minutes, rotating the baking sheet halfway through. Cool on a wire rack.

Tips for making shortbread cookies

  • You can prepare the dough well in advance and store it in the fridge for up to a week or in the freezer for up to a month. Just make sure to wrap it well and allow it to warm up a bit before cutting.
  • If your butter is not at room temperature, you can soften it quickly by slicing it into a few pieces and microwaving it on 50% power for 5-second intervals, flipping the butter with every burst.
  • To add extra crunch and flavor, try adding your favorite toasted nuts and spices to the dough.
  • You can experiment with different patterns for the dots on the bottom of the cookies. It’s a fun activity to do with kids, so get them involved in the process!

Shortbread cookies video recipe

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Delicious Shortbread Cookies - An Easy and Best Recipe

Delicious Shortbread Cookies

These cookies are perfect for any occasion – from holiday cookie trays to afternoon tea time. Plus, they are incredibly versatile and can be easily customized to your liking. Add in your favorite toasted nuts or spices for extra crunch and flavor.

Trust us, once you try best shortbread cookies recipe, it will become a staple in your baking repertoire. So, grab your apron and get ready to make some mouth-watering cookies!

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