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Here you will find all kinds of cookies. Both well-known and exclusive!

Cookies are quick to prepare and easy to bake, and that’s why we love them! No true sweet tooth could ever resist a crust so crispy it melts on the tongue like sweet caramel or the fillings so soft that it lulls your taste receptors to a dream with its harmonious notes of sweetness.

Homemade cookies

Baking is love. You bake for someone who you care about and want to spend your time making something special to them. And when there are plenty of different types of cookies sitting on supermarket shelves, the ones you do yourself bring more happiness than a simple sugar dose could ever do. So when you’re shoving those chocolate or lemon babies into the oven, think of the joy homemade cookies will bring to your family, friends, or even at work.

In this category, you’ll find a variety of cookie recipes in a video format. Anyone can easily follow them and sweeten their day.

If you have your own delicious cookie recipes and want to share them with others, write to us and we will arrange to have the recipes posted on our website. Sharing is fun!

If you can’t find a suitable cookie recipe for you, write to us and we will take your opinion into account! You can also always check out our other recipe categories

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