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Cannelés recipe: love in a Canelé cup

Cannelés is a dessert straight out of heaven. Its vanilla-saturated custardy tart swimming in rum is cold on the tongue, and it melts and mixes in rich caramel crust, crumbling down to pieces when it finally gives in to the sweet euphoria in your mouth.

The heavenly taste, however, is for a price. It takes time and precision to make the perfect batch of freshly baked cannelés. The cannelés you desire are tight inside but not chewy, caramelized when the crust is almost black but not burnt. Some say that the best cups for molding the desert are made from copper and cost 50$ per piece. That’s why the most dedicated pastry chefs make only a dozen or a few.

How to store cannele?

Okay, who could resist eating a cannelé right away? Sure, they are delicious even after a day or a couple has passed, that’s true, but they are at their finest just when they have cooled off. If you still need to store them somewhere before serving, then you might wanna use a plastic or glass container with tight-fitting lids and place your cannelés in a fridge.

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