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Vegan Chocolate Macaroons Recipe

Indulge in the delightful combination of flavors with our Vegan Chocolate Macaroons recipe. These delectable treats are a vegan twist on the classic macarons, infused with rich chocolate goodness. With our Vegan Chocolate Macaroons Recipe, you can enjoy the same luscious texture and delicate shells that are synonymous with macarons. Made without any animal products, these vegan macarons are perfect for those following a plant-based lifestyle. Whether you’re a chocolate lover or simply enjoy the elegance of macarons, these vegan delights are sure to satisfy your cravings. Treat yourself to the irresistible charm of our Vegan Chocolate Macaroons and experience the pleasure of biting into a sweet, chocolatey indulgence without compromising your dietary preferences.


For the Vegan Chocolate Macaroons

For the Vegan Chocolate Ganache

How to make Vegan Chocolate Macaroons?

For Perfect Texture

1. Combine and Sift Almond Flour, Powdered Sugar, and Cocoa Powder. Set aside.

Whip Aquafaba and Cream of Tartar for Optimal Results

2. In the bowl of a mixer, combine 75 grams of aquafaba and cream of tartar. Start whipping on low speed for approximately 1 minute, adjusting to medium-low if needed to maintain a steady pace. Once the aquafaba starts to foam, increase the speed to medium and continue whipping for an additional 2 minutes. The whipped aquafaba should transform into a fluffy and voluminous mixture, ready to be incorporated into your macaron batter. Be sure to monitor the whipping process to ensure the aquafaba reaches the perfect consistency for successful macaron making.

Whip Aquafaba with Granulated Sugar for Stiff Peaks

3. Increase the mixer speed to high and gradually add the granulated sugar to the whipped aquafaba, incorporating it slowly and steadily. Continue whipping until the aquafaba reaches stiff peaks, where the peaks stand upright when the whisk is lifted. The whipping process typically takes around 10 minutes, but it can vary depending on factors such as the type of mixer and the consistency of the aquafaba. Be patient and ensure that the peaks are firm and shoot straight up before proceeding. The achievement of stiff peaks is crucial as it indicates the desired texture and stability necessary for successful macaron preparation.

Incorporate Sifted Dry Ingredients into Whipped Aquafaba

4. Gently add the sifted dry ingredients to the whipped aquafaba, and begin folding them together using a spatula. Take care to fold slowly and delicately to maintain the airiness of the mixture. If desired, this is also the ideal time to add food coloring to the batter, if you wish to enhance its visual appeal.

Delicate Folding Technique for Vegan Macarons

5. Using a spatula, gently fold the batter in a letter J motion, ensuring thorough incorporation of the dry ingredients with the meringue. The key is to achieve a slightly flowing consistency without allowing the batter to continuously slide off the spatula. In the case of vegan macarons, the folding process is brief, aimed at maintaining the right balance between ingredients. To assess the consistency, scoop a spatula full of batter and hold it over the bowl. It should exhibit some separation in chunks, rather than flowing consistently like a ribbon. Avoid reaching the ribbon stage, as this can lead to spreading of the macaron feet during baking. Once the desired consistency is achieved, transfer the prepared batter to a piping bag, ready for the next step in creating your delightful vegan macarons.

Perfecting the Macaron Shells

6. On a baking sheet lined with a silicone mat, pipe 1 1/2″ circles of macaron batter. Depending on the size of your desired macarons, you may need to use two sheets to accommodate the quantity. To ensure flawless results, gently tap the trays against the counter, allowing any trapped air bubbles to escape. This step is crucial for achieving smooth and perfectly textured macaron shells. Once you’ve tapped the trays, carefully examine the shells and use a toothpick to eliminate any remaining bubbles on the surface.

7. Allow the trays to rest for a period of 30-45 minutes until the macaron shells have dried. To check if they are ready, gently touch a macaron with your finger.

Perfecting Vegan Macarons: Baking Tips and Techniques

8. Preheat your oven to 285ºF (140ºC) and place each tray separately in the oven. Bake the macarons for a total of 20 minutes, or until they easily release from the silicone mat. It is recommended to rotate the tray after the first 5 minutes of baking to ensure even heat distribution and consistent rising of the macaron feet. This step helps to achieve uniform results. Keep a close eye on the macarons as baking times may vary slightly depending on your oven’s temperature accuracy. Once they are baked to perfection, remove the trays from the oven and allow the macarons to cool completely before proceeding with the filling or storage.

Vegan Chocolate Ganache

1. Warm the coconut cream until hot and pour it over the chocolate chips.

2. Continue whisking until all the chocolate chips have melted. If they are not melting completely, you can microwave the mixture for a few seconds and whisk again to ensure a smooth ganache without any lumps of chocolate.

3. Allow the mixture to cool down and then refrigerate it for approximately 30 minutes until it reaches a firm consistency that is suitable for piping.

To assemble

1. Transfer the ganache into a piping bag. Pipe a generous dollop of filling onto half of the macaron shells. Carefully place another shell on top to create sandwich-like macarons.

2. Allow the macarons to mature in the refrigerator for 24-48 hours before serving. This resting time allows the flavors to meld and the texture to improve. Before enjoying, let the macarons sit at room temperature for approximately 10 minutes to enhance their taste and texture.


1. Keep your macarons fresh by storing them in the refrigerator for up to one week. For longer-term storage, they can be frozen for up to two months. Whether you have leftovers or want to prepare in advance, proper storage will help maintain their quality and flavor.

Vegan Chocolate Macaroons

Vegan Chocolate Macaroons Recipe: A Decadent Plant-Based Delight

Satisfy your sweet tooth and embrace the decadent world of Vegan Chocolate Macaroons with our irresistible recipe. These delightful treats offer a delightful fusion of flavors, combining the delicate texture of macarons with the rich indulgence of chocolate. Our Vegan Chocolate Macaroons Recipe provides a plant-based twist on the classic macarons, allowing you to enjoy these delectable creations without any animal products.

Irresistible Vegan Chocolate Macaroons: Indulge in Richness and Elegance

These vegan macarons are not only visually stunning with their perfectly formed shells, but they also boast a heavenly chocolate filling that will melt in your mouth. The combination of the delicate macaron shells and the luscious chocolate filling creates a symphony of flavors and textures that will leave you craving more.

Our Vegan Chocolate Macaroons are not only a treat for your taste buds but also a feast for the eyes. The beautifully crafted macarons make a stunning addition to any dessert table or special occasion. With our easy-to-follow recipe, you can create these elegant and delectable vegan macarons in your own kitchen.

Elevate Your Dessert Game with Vegan Chocolate Macaroons: Perfectly Crafted and Delightfully Delicious

Experience the joy of indulging in Vegan Chocolate Macaroons—perfectly crafted, plant-based delights that will satisfy your chocolate cravings while aligning with your dietary preferences. Elevate your dessert game with these exquisite chocolate-filled macarons and savor the luxurious combination of flavors. Treat yourself and your loved ones to the delight of Vegan Chocolate Macaroons and create sweet memories with every bite.

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